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  1. Introduction ——————————————————————


  1. Abstract ———————————————————————-


  1. Problem Statements & Methodologies ——————————————-


  1. System Analysis—————————————————————


  1. System Design of Hotel Management System ————————————


  1. Detail Design——————————————————————


  1. Hotel Data Dictionary ———————————————————-


  1. Software and Hardware Requirement——————————————–


  1. Development Tools and Technologies——————————————–


  1. Interfaces and Coding ———————————————————


  1. Testing Methodologies & Testing Strategy —————————————


  1. Conclusion and Future Enhancement ——————————————-


  1. Bibliography——————————————————————-



System as simple as possible using Structured & Modular technique & Menu oriented interface.  This project is to provide the information about the hotel as well as online facility for booking rooms. In existing system (i.e. Manual System), person has to go to the Hotel for booking, enquiry etc. or another option is telephone booking. This software system allows administrator to maintain a database for adding a new employee detail, daily attendance and salary calculation of the employee, and also administrator has an ability to view and modify the database content from anywhere at any time.

This project is used by two types of users

  1. Online Users.
  2. Administrator (management of the Hotel).

Objectives of the proposed systems are:-

  • To enable online booking via the internet.
  • To enable automated data entry methods.
  • Ensure efficient and reliable communication within the hotel.
  • Avoid data entry errors by use of input masks.
  • Enable easy authorized modification of data.
  • Enforce security measures to avoid unauthorized access to guest records.
  • Enable fast and easy retrieval of guest records and data for fast reference activities.


The project that we have undertaken aims to develop a Hotel Management system that is clean, user-friendly and multi-functional. Development of this application includes number of fields such that user feels comfortable and the system appears as dynamic to him. The project “Hotel Management System” includes the following functionalities:

  • Transactions can be done with minimum user events.
  • All transactional details and accounts are stored in files on stable storage.
  • Customers can view their own account details and cause them as necessary
  • Customer can inquire an account and can inquire about interest
  • All customer’s data are stored in files on a stable storage
  • Account holders have to pass through a login system to enter their accounts
  • This system possess password-protected administrative access; thus preventing the whole management system from unauthorized access
  • Customer can get help in any time he/she wants


This portion contains SRS documentation for Hotel Management System. The SRS is produced at the culmination of the analysis task. The function and performance allocated to software as part of the system engineering and refined by establishing a complete information description, a detailed functional description, a representation of system behavior, indication of performance requirements and design constrains, appropriate validation criteria and the other information related to requirements.

The SRS is technical specification of requirement of Hotel Management system. This specification describes what the proposed system should do without describing how it will do it. It also describes complete external behavior of proposed system.


The main purpose of our system is to make Hotel task easy and is to develop software that replaces the manual Hotel system into automated Hotel management system. This document serves as the unambiguous guide for the developers of this software system.

This project was developed to fulfill user requirement; however there are lots of scope to improve the performance of the Hotel System in the area of user interface, database performance, and query processing time. Etc. So there are many things for future enhancement of this project.


The Hotel’s strategic and operational risk management approach and methodology are largely based on the principles contained in the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Framework and is consistent with widely accepted standards, guidelines and best practice. The methodology includes the following components:

  • Objective setting – Establishing the context for risk analysis and assessment
  • Risk identification – Identifying potential risks that could threaten the achievement of objectives
  • Risk assessment – Assessing the potential impact of identified risks on the operations, financial resources and reputation of the Hotel
  • Risk mitigating measures – Consideration of the adequacy and effectiveness of risk mitigating measures and assessing the likelihood of risks materializing
  • Areas for improvement – Identifying areas where existing risk mitigating measures can or should be improved
  • Action plans – Formulating action plans to implement new or enhance existing risk mitigating measures
  • Follow up – Monitoring the status of implementation of action plans
  • Reporting – Reporting to the risk management oversight committees on the results of risk assessments and the status of implementation of action plans
  • Monitoring – Monitoring the adequacy and effectiveness of the risk management process
  • Facilitated work sessions in conjunction with management of the Hotel, for the purpose of completing the Hotel-wide and departmental risk assessments.

Module Description:

From an end-user perspective, the Project consists of three functional elements: Customer transaction module, Employee transaction module and Manager Module.

Admin Module

In this module admin controls the whole project. This contains sub modules such as Admin login module, employee module, customer module and room status module. Administrator has an authority to handle the front end and also the back end process of the system.

User Module

In this module user can view the information of the website and he/she can also register for lodging in advance with fully advance payment. User has to login into the system for the registration. User can view only the front end of the website. This contains sub modules like information module, login module, contact module, registration and reservation module.

Project category:

The Project category is Web based developed in PHP with My-SQL Server. Language used is PHP.




  • Computer with a 1.6 GHz or faster processor
  • 384 MB of RAM or more (868 MB of RAM or more for Windows Vista)
  • 2 GB of available hard-disk space
  • 5400 RPM hard drive
  • 1366 × 868 or higher-resolution display
  • DVD-ROM Drive


  • 4 GHz or higher CPU, 1024 MB or more RAM, 1280×1024 display, 8200 RPM or higher hard disk.

 Software requirement:

  • My-SQL server

Language and software tool used:

  • Front End : PHP
  • Operating System : Window 7
  • Back End : MySQL Server


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