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The over management system is an Intranet based application that can be accessed throughout the organization or a specified group/Dept. This system can be used to automate the workflow of leave applications and their approvals. The periodic crediting of leave is also automated. There are features like email notifications, cancellation of leave, automatic approval of leave, report generators etc in this Tool.

The project has been planned to be having the view of distributed architecture, with centralized storage of the database. The application for the storage of the data has been planned. Using the constructs of MS-SQL Server and all the user interfaces have been designed using the php technologies. The database connectivity is planned using the “mySQL Connection” methodology. The standards of security and data protective mechanism have been given a big choice for proper usage. The application takes care of different modules and their associated reports, which are produced as per the applicable strategies and standards that are put forwarded by the administrative staff.

The entire project has been developed keeping in view of the distributed client server computing technology, in mind. The specification has been normalized up to 3NF to eliminate all the anomalies that may arise due to the database transaction that are executed by the general users and the organizational administration. The user interfaces are browser specific to give distributed accessibility for the overall system. The internal database has been selected as MS-SQL server 200.The basic constructs of table spaces, clusters and indexes have been exploited to provide higher consistency and reliability for the data storage.


The system will also provide information to the HR manager about the working hours of the employees. It gives details of the work of the employee, providing data about the employee’s normal working hours and there overtime. The system is very helpful as it provides the HR an easy way to manage the database of the employees. Most of the contemporary Information systems are based on the Database technology as a collection of logically related data, and DBMS as a software system allowing the users to define, create, maintain and control access to the database. The process of constructing such kind of systems is not so simple. It involves a mutual development of application program and database. The application program is actually the bridge between the users and the database, where the data is stored.


  1. To simplify the working of the HR manager so that he can easily generate payrolls for the employees.
  2. The concept behind the selection of such a project was that every organization has its

own management of employees manually but very few manage the work of their employees through computers.

 Problem Statement (including Literature Review):

The user story serves the purpose of the problem statement and the specifications. The user story provided by the client was as follows: “You are to design and implement an Overtime Management System that should accept employee hours worked compute net pay and also record all the overtime working hours data for subsequent processing. The system should prepare net salary with the addition of overtime salary, and maintain data on a file. “In Overtime Management System, employee’s basic detail, employee category, employee department, employee name, extra working hours, basic salary, overtime salary, overtime reason are included. The date-to-date entries are also can be viewed and we enter the entries daily.” To accomplish these tasks, we had to meet with the client to find out exactly what the program is meant to do. Here are the sub stories that we were able to get from the client:

  • The program accepts employee hours worked
  • The program computes net pay
  • The program record all the employees basic information
  • The program should prepare the payment for overtimes
  • The program should record the data for different-different departments
  • The program should maintain data on a file
  • Program should maintain the reason of Overtime
  • Year-to-date total should contain by the program


The information of the employees will be maintained and the department managers as well as HR will be able to access the information.



512 MB RAM, Minimum 2 GB Hard Disk, P-IV processor

Client Side : 64 MB RAM, P-II processor


The following are the minimum software required:


* Web Server : Apache Tomcat

* Operating System : Windows XP/2000 Server


* Front End : JSP

* Back End : MY SQL

WEB BROWSER : Internet Explorer 6.0 or above,

Mozilla Firefox 3.6 or above


512 MB RAM,

Minimum 2 GB

Hard Disk, P-IV processor



PHASE 1 Here the module 1 will be completed and database connectivity will be done. PHASE 2 In this phase the module 2 will be completed and a proper GUI will be developed.

PHASE 3 Here the details of the employees and their updates on the working hours will make functional.

PHASE 4 The phase 4 is dedicated to the testing part of the project to remove bugs if any from the project. Data redundancy will also be checked. Hardware Specification:


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