Analysis of Consumer Behavior towards Health Care Products (No of Pages: 99)


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Consumer behaviour reflects consumers’ decisions with respect to:

  • the acquisition, consumption, and disposition
  • of goods and services, time, and ideas
  • By (human) decision making (over time).

(Prof. Dr. Maggie Geuens, Consumer Behaviour, 1999)

Consumer receives stimuli which affect on his consuming behaviour. This stimulus comes from:

  • The financial environment (favourable or ominous financial conditions).
  • The political environment (smoothly or foggy political setting).
  • The technological environment (technological progress or recession).
  • The company’s marketing mix as for the product, the price, the place and the promotion.  (E.g. a television advertising spot or a handing-over in the price of product).

Health Care Product Meaning:

“Health Care Products are those which help the people to re-gain their energy and also helpful in making their health good enough.”

Through health care products, people are able to work effectively and efficiently and their immuno system works better.


  1. To analyze the behavior of consumers towards various Health-Care Products.
  2. 2. Awareness of various Health-Care Products available in the market and their respective uses.
  3. To make comparative analysis of various Health-Care Products.


Consumer behavior research is the scientific study of the processes consumers use to select, secure, use and dispose of products and services that satisfy their needs. Knowledge of consumer behavior directly affects marketing strategy. This is because of the marketing concept, i.e., the idea that firms exist to satisfy customer needs (Winer, 2000). Firms can satisfy those needs only to the extent that they understand their customers. For this reason, marketing strategies must incorporate knowledge of consumer behavior into every facet of a strategic marketing plan (Solomon, 2002). There is a widespread recognition that consumer behavior is the key to contemporary marketing success.

The purchase of goods or services includes a number of factors that could affect each decision. Decision making is more complex and even more important for consumers today than in the past. Consumers are besieged by advertising, news articles, and direct mailings that provide an abundance of information, much of it with mixed messages. In addition, increases in the number and variety of goods, stores, and shopping malls, and the availability of multi component and have complicated decision making. So it becomes absolutely necessary for retailers to understand the buying behavior of end consumers.

The changes in the behavior of consumers in turn have impact on the industry directly or indirectly. In order to attract and retain customers, the companies have to come up with various business strategies. To plan a successful business strategy, it is very much necessary to understand the factual changing patterns of consumer behavior.


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